Sound Meter Rion-NL-27

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Rion NL 27 is a tiny meter, perfect for Noise at Work Assessments.

  • Rion NL 27 Sound Level Meter
  • Rion NL 27 Sound Level Meter

    Can easily be carried in a pocket

Rion NL 27 is small enough to keep in your pocket and yet will quickly and easily provide you with measurement results.


  • Measures Leq, Lmax, SEL, LCpeak and instantaneous sound pressure level
  • Measures LAeq and LCpeak simultaneously for efficient workplace noise measurements
  • Incredibly small (~120mm in length) but fully IEC 61672 Class 2 Compliant
  • Time weighting: F , S & I
  • Up to 9 hours use from 2 alkaline AAA cells
  • Standard ½” Prepolarised Mic (can be calibrated with Standard Acoustic Calibrators e.g. Rion NC-74)
  • Supplied with windscreen and protective silicon cover