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SOLD ICE 625B Hydraulic Vibrator

  • ICE 625B
  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 001
  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 002
  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 Clamp
  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 Plate
  • ICE 625B
  • ICE 625B
  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 001
  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 002
  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 Clamp
  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 Plate
  • ICE 625B
  • ICE 625B

  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 001

  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 002

  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 Clamp

  • ICE 625B 60TU0455 Plate

  • ICE 625B

Demo ICE 625B year 2015

  • ICE 625B Excavatormounted hydraulic vibrator
  • 60TU clamp

ICE 625B - minimal disturbance of the urban environment

An ICE excavator mounted vibratory hammer is used to drive or extract a variety of steel profiles; sheet piles, ‘H’ beams, and ‘I’ beams and with the larger excavator mounted vibrators fitted with double clamps, casings and tubular piles can be driven. Another application is soil compaction work. Our vibrators have a very narrow throat width that allows you to carry out staggered sheet piling, and with a wide range of hammers and clamps we have the solution for all types of steel, wood and concrete piles and soil conditions.

The ICE excavator mounted series causes minimal ground vibrations due to its high rotational speed of approximately 2300 rpm.

Their extreme flexibility, due to the excavator powering, makes this kind of vibratory hammer our most agile piece of equipment - especially in compact spaces.

Technical specs

Eccentric moment 6,0 kgm
Centrifugal force 411 kN
Max. frequency 2.500 rpm
Max. amplitude 13,2 mm (excl. clamp)
Max. linepull 120 kN
Max. oilflow 201 l/min
Hydraulic power 117/159 kW/hp
Dyn. Weight 910 kg
Weight 1.290 kg
Dimensions l x w x h 1.128 x 646 x 1.502 mm (incl clamp)

Power and Force

An excavator can easily be turned into a sheet pile driver by connecting a vibratory hammer. The excavator supplies the oil flow for the hammer and the force of the excavator boom is used to raise the penetration rate of the steel. Occasionally these joint forces means a smaller hammer can be used.

How it works

Choosing the right vibrator for a job depends on soil conditions, the type of pile and the driving depth. The vibratory hammer also has to be matched to the excavator.

The vibrator is connected to the boom’s hydraulic connections by two hoses. A third hose is the drain oil line. The vibratory hammer is simply controlled by the excavator operator with one lever The combination of high frequencies, oil flow and working pressure makes this hammer suitable for mounting on practically any excavator with a sufficient oil flow, at a maximum operating pressure of 350 bar. The hammer can be attached to an excavator using two different types of forks or a head plate. An additional goose neck can increase working height by approximately 2 m for handling and driving longer steel profiles.

Compact and powerful vibratory hammer

Mounted on hydraulic excavators for optimized mobility and agility, this high frequency range is ideal for projects in compact spaces and urban areas.


  • Highly efficient for general driving, extracting and soil compaction work
  • Compact and light-weight for difficult access projects
  • Low noise for urban area use


  • Excellent quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to mount to almost all types of excavator
  • High push/pull forces increase driving performance
  • Goose neck for increasing working height and driving longer piles
  • Hoses and clamps safety facilities
  • Improves the profitability of the excavator
  • Wide range of clamping solutions

Clamps & tools

There are a variety of clamps and other tools that can be connected to the excavator mounted vibratory hammer. ICE has developed a wide range of clamping systems and beams for driving sheet piles, tubular piles of varying dimensions, concrete piles and even wooden and plastic piles.

  • TU series: sheet pile clamps for single or double sheets and H-beams
  • Goose neck: to drive longer piles
  • Mounting bracket: connection between excavator and hammer, can be turned through 360°
  • Hydraulic rotator: to rotate the hammer up to 360°

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