The Stehr compactor for excavators are exerting impact forces of 60 to 120 KN at a frequency of 60 Hz.

The attachable compactors have a specially shaped base plate, with no complicated rotary motor or oil line, which enables them to be placed in any position, from wherever the carrying vehicle is stationed.

  • The hexagonal base lets the compactor be positioned anywhere
  • Optimum compaction
  • No extra hydraulic circuit needed on the digger for the rotary drive
  • No complicated rotary motor or oil line
TypeSBV 60 HFSBV 120 HF
Impact force (kN) 60 120
Frequency (Hz) 60 60
Oil required (I/min) 39 65
Pressure (bar) 180 210
Base plate width (mm) 850 1000
Weight (kg) 295 764
Carrying vehicle (tons)  2.5 - 14 7.5-