Canadian Gilbert is a market leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of forestry, sawmilling and construction equipment.

Gilbert Grizzly MultiGripTMis an excavator-mounted vibratory pile driver equipped with a side-grip clamping device designed to facilitate and speed up the handling, driving and extraction of piles and sheet piles. .

It drives and pulls both sheet-piles and tubes, taking only 5 minutes to switch tools. the largest advantage of the sidegrib is that it allows you to work in tight areas where height and width are an issue, in which the use of conventional equipment is impossible.

  • Driving and pulling sheet piles H-beams and tubes
  • Deep foundation, retaining walls, bridges, cofferdams etc.
  • Working in tight areas
  • 3-point grip with the possibility to drive both piles and tubes
  • Safe - the system retains clamping power during a loss in hydraulic pressure
  • Easy mounting on excavators