The VA-12 is a powerful (yet easy to use), practical and self-standing machinery vibration analyzer. You can download both sound- and datafiles to a computer or you can analyze the data on the full colour backlit screen on site.

The meter works both as a vibration meter as well as an FFT analyzer.

  • Simultanously showing velocity, acceleration and displacement
  • Measures in either Peak, RMS or Peak-to-Peak modes
  • Exceptional colour full information display – results, traces and instrument settings clearly visible in all lighting conditions
  • Current Measurement can be Overlaid with Stored Data in FFT Mode
  • Memory for 100 datasets consisting of each 1.000 measurements
  • Magnetisk sensortilslutning på standard accelerometer PV-57I
  • USB port and SD-card for PC-transfer
  • Up to 12 hours operation on AA batteries
Product Development    Vibration measurement at various stages of product development
Quality Control Pre-shipment testing after periodic maintenance and servicing
Maintenance Startup testing after periodic maintenance and servicing
Simple Diagnosis Daily routine checks and monitoring of unusual conditions
Precision Diagnosis Measurement af problem vibrations and detection af error sources