Rosehill Rail

Rosehill Rail produces sustainable anti-trespass panels for railroads. Shaped as an array of pyramids they are manufactured in the UK from recycled tyre rubbers bonded with poyurethane for strength.

The no-go anti-trespas panels are designed to deter people or animals from crossing the track at unauthorised places. They weigh less than 100 kg a piece and are made available in three different versions, respectively with 2 flanges intended for use between the rails, with 1 flange for placement on the outside of the track and flangeless for use on platforms and as part of a complete matrix at wider level crossings.

The anti-trespass panels fits any sleeper and any section and can be used with all crossing systems. The panels are simple to install with handtools and can be removed and replaced for inspection or maintenance.

Approved by Network Rail

  • Keeping people and animals out of unauthorised areas
  • Minimizing metal theft
  • Very simple to install
  • Environmentally friendly made from recycled tyre rubber
  • Indefinite (+ 25 years) lifespan