Rosehill Rail

Rosehill Rail’s solid rubber crossing panels provide safe and unimpeded driving and walking wherever road and rail cross. They are hard wearing with a proven reliability under all kinds of traffic load and climate conditions. The solid rubber panels can be installed and removed quickly, allowing for effective maintenance work, maximising the use of track possession times. Rosehill crossing systems are available for any rail, sleeper, or gauge configuration, curves, maintenence depots, wash sheds, turnouts and for track access. They are made to measure each specific crossing.

Rosehill panels are available in the following grades, each one designed for a specific purpose:

  • ROAD suitable for all vehicular crossings situations
  • AGRICULTURAL for agricultural traffic and light commercial use.
  • PEDESTRIAN for foot traffic only
  • Minimum maintenance
  • TRACK ACCESS PANELS worksite use for crossing tracks or for on/off tracking of road/rail vehicles