Rail cropper

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Ardens Rail Cropper for mounting on an excavator is ideal in handling scrap track metal.

  • Arden Rail Cropper
  • Cut track
  • Arden Rail Cropper
  • Cut track
  • Arden Rail Cropper

  • Cut track

    For dismounting of railtracks it is very usefull to cut the rail into smaller pieces for recycling

Situated in the Northeast of France, in the heart of a region in which metal processing has got a long tradition, Arden Equipment is the only French manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for excavators and other carriers.

The rail cropper was specifically designed and developed for quick and efficient cutting of all types of railway line both in the rail industry for scrap line and panel removal, and also for further processing in the scrap metal industry.


  • Fastest method of scrap clearance
  • Cuts single rails and panels
  • Fits to road/rail and standard excavator
  • Suits 26 tonne - 37 tonne excavators
  • Eliminates the possibility of wooden sleeper/tie and vegetation fires
  • Eliminates the possibility of tunnel explosions through gas build up