Dieseko Group

Dieseko Group manufactures the well-known ICE and PVE hydraulic vibrators as well as Woltman Piling Rigs and Bell Dredging Pumps

Bell Dredging Pumps

Bell pumps are highly efficient dredging pumps that can be equipped with different heads for many different pumping operations.

Excavator-mounted Vibratory Hammer

Vibratory hammers form PVE and ICE  mounted on an excavator enhances the flexibility and efficiency on the worksite.

Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

Vibratory hammers from ICE and PVE hangs suspende from a crane and gets it's hydraulic power from the connected power pack.

PVE Side Gripper Vibratory Hammer

Dieseko Group has developed the Side Gripper - an excavator mounted vibratory hammer with side-grip.

Woltman Piling Rig

Woltman Piling and Drilling Rigs with a toonage as low as 30 t, excluding hammer og drilling equipment.