About Lesanco ApS

Supplier of Construction machines & Equipment, since 1977 

Lesanco ApS represents in Scandinavia a range of international producers of construction machines and equipment.
Our customers are typically building & construction contractors, who requires special machines, such as Compact pile rigs, Pile drivers, Pile driving rigs and Vibratory hammers - ideal for the construction of foundations.

For similar foundation projects, we supply Pile pressing machines & Excavator mounted Vibratory Hammers  that can handle up to 25 meter Plastic Sheet Piles - whether it's in the city, countrysite or under water.

Lesanco strives to find the most effecient, fast and time saving products for our customers. Our growing product program includes Compaction wheels, Plate compactors for Excavators& Plate compactor on road roller. The compaction equipment is used as support of structural entities such as building foundations, roadways, walkways, and earth retaining structures.     

Lesanco ApS product program also includes:

  • Sound levels meters, Vibration monitoring and pile testing - for measurements of vibration and noice from machines and equipments.
  • Hydraulic breakers, Pulverizers, Multiprocessors and Recyclers - for demolition of buildings, roads and other structures
  • Grabs
  • Railway equipment

Lesanco History - Partnerships and Performance since 1977

1977        Flemming Hey started cooperating with ICE and the first vibrator was sold to A. Wejse A/S (later MT Højgaard).
1988   Junttan was introduced to Denmark in the late 80s . The first piling rig was sold in '88.
1998   Started selling IFCO (Later Profound) instruments into Scandinavia.
2000   New company Lesanco was founded by Flemming Hey.
2005   Agency agreement with Viking Engineering i Malmö was signed.
2006   Torben Hammer took over Lesanco ApS.
2007   Lesanco ApS moved to a larger office.
2008   ICE and PVE merged into Dieseko Group.
2009   A distributorship agreement for the whole of Scandinavia and Iceland was agreed with Dieseko Group.
2010   Started cooperating with more new companies: Bremskerl, Stehr Baumaschinen, DCC Grabs, Castioni Kunststoffe, Watson & Hillhouse and CeDe Group AB
Signing with Junttan a service partner agreement for the whole of Sweden.
2011   Signing with Junttan a service partner agreement for Scandinavia.
Signing with Railtech Plötz an agreement for selling their products in Denmark.
2012   An exclusive distributor’s agreement for Scandinavia was signed with Sheet Pile Europe  Lesanco ApS moved to bigger premises with warehouse facilities.
2013   Signed an agreement with RION for distribution of their products in Norway and Denmark.
Signed an exclusive agreement with Rosehill Rail for the whole of Scandinavia.
2015   Signed an agreement with Arden Equipment for distribution of their products in Denmark.
Signed an agreement with Railtech International for Denmark and Sweden.
2016   Signed an exclusive agreement with Pajot for the whole of Scandinavia.
Dieseko Group merges with Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs and Lesanco signs an exclusive agreement for the whole of Scandinavia.
2017   Signed an exclusive agreement with Gilbert for the whole of Scandinavia.
2018   Signed an agreement with Comacchio for Denmark.
2020   Signed an exclusive agreement with Arden for Denmark

Our partners

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