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GEO 501 Inspired By Scandinavia For Scandinavians

Inspired By Scandinavia For Scandinavians

With over 300 units delivered to the Scandinavian countries since 1997, Comacchio holds a leading position in the geothermal and water well drilling market of the region. We aim to further consolidate this position with the introduction of the new multipurpose drilling rig GEO 501 that can easily switch from water well drilling, to energy drilling, to horizontal drilling.

  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501
  • Comacchio GEO 501

  • Comacchio GEO 501

  • Comacchio GEO 501

  • Comacchio GEO 501

  • Comacchio GEO 501

First GE 501 is in Norway

The first unit of this series was delivered to our Norwegian client Kaugerud Brønnboring AS with the collaboration of our dealer IRM. The first GEO 501 was successfully put into operation in the Buskerud region last summer, despite the outbreak of the covid pandemic. In fact, in that part of Norway covid restrictions have resulted in an increased demand for water and energy access for small houses and cabins..  

The new GEO 501 is designed as a multipurpose unit, capable of both vertical and horizontal drilling using any type of rotary or rotary-percussion methodology. In the typical hard geological formations of the Nordic countries, the GEO 501 can be effectively utilized for DTH drilling down to 300-400m with 4” or 5” hammer.
Equipped with a double pipe rack, the rig can accommodate 408m of drilling rods with 76mm diameter.
All this is packed in a light-weight and small footprint structure that can be transported in one load with its ancillaries and adapts to the restricted spaces typically associated with domestic and small-scale industrial projects with reduced rig-down and rig-up time and low mobilization costs.


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