Castioni Ground-mounted Cable Duct System - Fibreglass Lids

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You can walk on Castioni's TERRAwalk cable ducts with fibreglass reinforced polyester lid.

  • Castioni TERRAwalk
  • Castioni TERRAwalk
  • Castioni TERRAwalk
  • Castioni TERRAwalk
  • Castioni TERRAwalk
  • Castioni TERRAwalk
  • Castioni TERRAwalk
  • Castioni TERRAwalk
  • Castioni TERRAwalk

  • Castioni TERRAwalk

  • Castioni TERRAwalk

  • Castioni TERRAwalk

TERRAwalk, newly developed strong lid

Castioni has developed TERRAwalk – a new lid for the existing TERRAsystem. The TERRAwalk system meets the A15 standard for strength, which means that the cable ducts can be used for pavements and that the lids are strong enough to withstand a limited amount of driving.

TERRAwalk cable ducts – strong and efficient cable management

Whether for railways, airports or the energy grid, the use of modern infrastructure relies heavily on a steadfast energy supply and information transfer. In this context, it is important that the vast lengths of essential cables are effectively protected from external influences. The TERRA system is easy to install, extend and modify.

Quick and easy installation

The TERRAsystem cable ducts can be quickly and easily installed by hand, thanks to their low weight and relatively short length. TERRAwalk lids are quickly secured using a screwdriver, with four screws per section, and pre-punched holes are available for cable outlets.

The use of lightweight plastic offers several benefits, including cheaper transportation and simple installation at the site without the need for transport and lifting tools.

Strong lids

The TERRAwalk cable ducts are still lightweight and are incredibly strong thanks to the newly developed fibreglass-reinforced polyester lid. The system is as strong as traditional concrete troughs. The lids are strong enough to withstand walking and driving to a limited extent. The surface of the lids is non-slip, and they can be easily removed for quick visual inspection of the cables.

Easy maintenance and recycling

The TERRAwalk lid must be fastened with screws and is easy to reopen. This allows the cables to be checked and inspected, and the TERRAwalk lid to be easily screwed back on. The entire system can be easily dismantled and put back in place, a perfect solution for temporary installations. Overall, from a lifecycle cost perspective, the polypropylene cable ducts and fibreglass reinforced polyester lids are a cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete cable troughs thanks to a shorter installation time, with reduced personnel costs and down-time in the track, while the recyclable materials are a benefit when the product reaches end-of-life.

Adaptation to the cable run

Punched cutting grooves allow the plastic cable tray to be easily adapted to the requirements posed by the cable run, e.g. curves, angles and T-sections.


  • Cable routing
  • Rail, airport, solar


  • Strong lid – meets A15 standard
  • Light – TERRAwalk 250 11.6 kg/m (pcs)
  • Stackable – Easy to store
  • Halogen-free
  • UV-resistant
  • Reusable
  • Can be dismantled and reassembled