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USED ICE 1423 C Vibratory Hammer - ICE 400RF Power Pack

  • ICE 14423C Hydraulic Vibrator
  • ICE 400RF Power Pack
  • ICE 14423C Hydraulic Vibrator
  • ICE 400RF Power Pack
  • ICE 14423C Hydraulic Vibrator

  • ICE 400RF Power Pack

Used ICE 1423 C Vibratory Hammer - Used ICE 400RF Power Pack

  • ICE 1423 C Vibratory Hammer 
  • ICE 400RF Power Pack
  • ICE 120 TP :Tube Pile Clamp

The ICE 400RF Power Pack is bulit specifically to be usd with ICE Vibrator - The Power Pack can also drive the Junttan HHK A Series Hydraulic Impact Hammer at sale HERE

ICE 1423C Normal Frequency Vibratory Hammer

ICE vibro technology is a proven method for fast and accurate pile driving.

The ICE normal frequency standard range covers centrifugal force from 14 kgm up to 300 kgm. ICE also provides bespoke solutions by offering design and engineering advice to manufacture tailor-made products to meet your specific requirements.

Vibratory Hammer for Heavy Workloads

A normal frequency (NF) vibratory hammer can be used to drive or extract a variety of steel profiles, such as sheet piles, casings and tubes. With a speed of 1400 - 1700 rpm and a fixed eccentric moment, the relatively high amplitude makes this type of hammer suitable for heavy soil conditions.

Extended Range

Not only have foundations become larger, caissons bigger in diameter, piles longer but a new line of sheet piles has been produced with greater sections, cross sectional areas and weights. The result of this is a change in demand for wider range of hammers. ICE responds to this demand by introducing innovative solutions and new additions to our range of high performance vibratory hammers.

Maximum Performance

ICE hammers are paired up with powerful power packs supplying a steady hydraulic flow that allows you to work at maximum working pressure - even in tough driving conditions. We ensure you are able to drive your steel to depth, according to our philosophy, with a surplus of driving power for maximum performance.


Eccentric moment

0-14,0 kgm

Centrifugal force

0-812 kN

Max. frequency

2.300 rpm

Max. amplitude

16,5 mm (excl. clamp)

Max. linepull

240 kN

Max. oilflow

370 l/min

Max. Pressure

350 bar

Dyn. Weight

1.700 kg (excl clamp)


2.750 kg (excl clamp)

Dimensions l x w x h

1.919 x 738 x 1.620 mm (excl clamp)

Calculate Your Project and Analyze the Results

Dieseko Group works with reputable third parties to undertake vibro pile drivability predictions. After piling, our measuring equipment, which can record amplitude, acceleration, centrifugal force and hydraulic pressure, is examined and a post piling report can be supplied upon request. This enables us, geotechnical experts and the industry in general, to benefit from our experience on numerous projects onshore and offshore.

Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is embedded in our R&D, processes and products. Vibration piling is an environmentally friendly foundation technique, as vibrations cause minimal noise and ground disturbance. ICE equipment is developed and produced according to the latest regulations. Together we can minimise your carbon footprint.

ICE Power Packs – Versatile Power

Our aim is to ensure you can always drive your steel – even in tough conditions. To that aim, our ICE vibratory hammers are paired up with powerful power packs with a surplus of driving power to perform. ICE power packs meet Tier 2 to durable Tier 4 Final regulations. An ICE power pack can be adapted for extreme conditions such as freezing arctic environments or desert conditions with scorching heat. We can also customize your power pack to enable crane counter mounting or deck mounting. Our open loop hydraulic system and cooling system ensures a safe and reliable hydraulic operation and prevents overheating. The intelligent iQan management assures a reliable performance and the interface is available in most common languages.

We have developed the power packs to keep up with changing environmental legislation and can be built according to regulatory requirements. To avoid oil leaks the power packs are equipped with a fluid-sealed bottom. Noise and emissions have been reduced. Stop-start intelligence and AdBlue technology can be adopted.

Other hydraulic equipment such as the PVE impact hammers, winches and pumps can also be driven using the ICE power packs.


  • General driving and extraction of steel piles and casings
  • Suitable for compaction
  • Suitable for most soil types


  • Excellent quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Forced lubrication system
  • Additional gearbox cooling system
  • Open loop hydraulic system
  • Wide range of clamping solutions

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